March 2016 Common Council Meeting

Apologies for this meeting preview’s late arrival. Common Council has its regular monthly meeting this Wednesday, March 2, 6pm in Council Chambers (3rd floor) at City Hall (108 E. Green Street). You can see the full agenda here. A guide to that agenda is below. Come out and tell us what you think about the agenda items or any other, say, national headline-making issue facing the city.

  • Public Art Commission – request that the requirement that 5 of its 7 members be city residents be reduced to 4 in order to help fill long-standing vacancies (p. 10)
  • 2016 Youth Bureau budget – Amendment in order to meet unexpected needs in the Big Brother Big Sister Program (pp. 11-12)
  • Community Arts Partnership – accept a grant to complete third round of electrical box murals (pp. 13-14)
  • Occupational Safety and Health Training and Education Program Grant – money from the new York State Department of Labor grant for various safety training (pp. 15-17)
  • Creating a waterfront “Temporary Mandatory Planned Unit Development” – Basically this would create a special “planned unit development” zone that would give Common Council more oversight on any potential development that happens on the Waterfront. The Waterfront is a critical area, and we want to make sure that future development fits with our comprehensive plan. See the agenda for more info. (pp.18-42)
  • Street Level Active Uses – a zoning change that would mandate “active uses” in ground-level storefronts on the Commons. Based on a similar requirement in Collegetown, the goal of this update is to maintain a vibrant downtown with retail, restaurants, and other publicly accessible uses. It came before Council in January, but was sent back to the Planning and Economic Development Committee in February for more clarification on just what we mean when we say “active use.” (pp. 43-45)
  • Add a Professional Standards Lieutenant to Police Department roster – “oversight of all Internal Affairs investigations and will oversee the Records Division, administrative sergeants, and associated civilian and administrative positions” (pp. 46-53)
  • Authorization to use City parkland for non-motorized watercraft rentals and boat storage racks – The goal here is to improve public access to water-based activities in the City. Proposed locations: Cass and Stewart Parks, the golf course (pp. 54-67)
  • City-County law enforcement consolidation study – First stage of application for grant funding to study the viability of consolidating City of Ithaca and Tompkins County law enforcement. The state is encouraging consolidation of services to save local taxpayers money. (pp. 68-69)
  • Unused trust funds – A move of miscellaneous funds that haven’t seen use in 10 or more years, originally earmarked for specific projects, into the City’s Operating Fund. The money would still be targeted toward its original intent, but consolidating them may ensure they get used appropriately. (pp. 70-72)
  • Security and Emergency Services Grant – Amend Police Department budget to spend New York State Homeland Security and Emergency Services grant on overtime, staff development, and equipment: night vision helmets, spotting scopes, Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus, portable mass notification system, personal protection equipment, throw phone and training (pp. 73-79)
  • Appointment of new City Chamberlain Current City Chamberlain Debbie Parsons is retiring. Deborah Whitney will be taking over the position. (pp. 80-81)
  • Fringe benefits for managerial staff – an update and clarification of benefits for City managerial employees(pp.82-88)
  • Appointment of GIAC director – County Legislator Leslyn McBean-Clairborne has served as Interim Director of the Greater Ithaca Activities Center since May of last year, following Marcia Fort’s retirement. The mayor is appointing her as the permanent director. (p. 89)