June 2016 Common Council

Ithaca’s Common Council meets Wednesday, June 1 at 6pm in Council Chambers at City Hall (108 E. Green Street). Go here to find the full agenda. You can watch us online live here or visit us in person at 6pm in Council Chambers at 108 E. Green Street.

A summary of the agenda follows.

Consent Agenda
A consent agenda packages routine and non-controversial items not requiring discussion or independent action as one agenda item. There’s only one item in month’s consent agenda: the elimination of the position of Financial Clerk once the current occupant retires this year and the addition of a Financial Management Assistant as part of a reorganization of the responsibilities of the financial function of the Department of Public Works.

City Administration Committee

  • Ithaca Welcomes Refugees – A resolution reaffirming the City’s commitment to accept and support refugees
  • Babe Ruth License Agreement – A resolution approving a license agreement with the Ithaca Babe Ruth League to use land within Cass Park to install a storage shed near a baseball field
  • Water and Sewer – A resolution authorizing $236,000 of bonds to pay for replacement of water and sewer mains on the 200 block of Dryden Road

Planning and Economic Development Committee

  • 2016 HUD Entitlement Action Plan – Approval of Ithaca Urban Renewal Agency’s plan for using U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) funding from the Community Development Block Grant and Home Investment Partnership programs.
  • Collegetown Street Level Active Use – Collegetown already has an “active use” mandate, the goal of which is to maintain a vibrant urban area with retail, restaurants, and other publicly accessible uses. This just brings the Collegetown active use requirements in line with the one passed for the Commons area in March, which provides more flexibility in what gets deemed “active use”
  • Backyard Chickens – A two-year pilot program that would allow 20 residences within the city to keep up to 4 hens. Chances are you already know about this, so I’ll just point to extensive media coverage

Coming out of both committees were resolutions relating to 401 Lake Street. Copying from Seph’s 2nd Ward News piece on the issue:

We’re trying to figure out what to do with a little vacant house next to Ithaca Falls. The City acquired the property through tax foreclosure last year. We kept it out of the public auction because there were differing opinions about what to do with it. It’s in bad shape, but still salvageable. It’s also adjacent to the Ithaca Falls Natural Area, leading some – including the City’s own Natural Areas Commission – to conclude that we should demolish the house and fold the parcel into the Natural Area.

There are good arguments on both sides. The selling camp argues that we need housing, and of course, we never want to forgo tax revenue if we can help it. The demolish camp, on the other hand, argues that the gorge is an environmentally sensitive site, and the falls are an icon and tourist destination. A private residence might not be the most appropriate use here.