August 2016 Planning and Economic Development Committee meeting

I’ll be chairing the August 2016 meeting of the Planning and Economic Development Committee this Wednesday, August 10th, at 6pm in Council Chambers. Here’s the agenda. A quick rundown:

Announcements, Updates, Reports

  • We’ll be getting three updates: 1) Collegetown construction, 2) design guidelines for Collegetown and Downtown, and 3) water issues.

Voting to send on to September Council meeting (Wednesday, September 7, 2016 at 6pm in Council Chambers):

  • Neighborhood Improvement Incentive Fund – neighborhood groups around the city can get reimbursed for community events, like block parties. In this case, we’ll be refunding Ithaca Housing Authority for costs related to two National Night Out events that were held in Northside and South of the Creek recently. This is approved at the committee level, so it won’t go on to Council.
  • Community Investment Incentive Tax Abatement Program (CIITAP) – Diversity Requirements – this is part of our continuing effort to reform the City’s tax abatement policy. With input from the city’s Workforce Diversity Advisory Committee, we are working to reform the city’s tax abatement policy to include requirements for the hiring of a more diverse workforce. See agenda packet for more info.

Voting to “circulate” (basically this means that we send a proposal out to the public for feedback; the proposal will come back to the committee next month for further consideration):

  • Maguire TMPUD application
    Maguire, the local car company, has submitted a plan to the city to build an auto dealership on Carpenter Business Park, next to the community gardens on Route 13. The plan requires Common Council approval, however. Earlier this year, the Council passed a “temporary mandatory planned unit development” district for the Waterfront area that basically requires any development happening in the Waterfront area to come to Common Council for approval. We did this because we are in the midst of a comprehensive planning process for the Waterfront and we want future development there to fit with our land-use goals. This is our first discussion of the Maguire project. If the committee approves, we will circulate the proposal for more feedback and it will come back to the committee next month for a public hearing and further discussion. See the agenda packet for more info.

Again, here’s the link to the agenda. You can watch a live stream of the meeting here. As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! Thanks! – Seph