The Ward

The City of Ithaca is separated into 5 wards, each represented by 2 alderpersons on Common Council. The 2nd Ward comprises some of the city’s most ethnically-, economically-, and age-diverse areas. It contains a number of Ithaca’s most notable landmarks including the Ithaca Commons, Six Mile Creek, Cascadilla Creek, Washington Park, and Dewitt Park. It’s home to 4 of the city’s historic districts. It is the geographic and cultural heart of the City of Ithaca.


Tompkins County legislative districts are also comprised of election districts, but are not equivalent to city wards. 2-1, 2-2, and 2-3 belong to Tompkins County Legislative District 1. 2-4 is part of Tompkins County Legislative District 4. Here is a map of the county legislative districts within city limits.


Here’s a list of neighborhood associations and community centers that make up the 2nd ward:

Dewitt Park Neighborhood Association
Fall Creek Neighborhood Association
Northside United
Southside Community Center
South of the Creek
Washington Park

With perhaps the exception of the triangle-shaped Northside, the 2nd ward’s neighborhoods don’t have strictly-defined boundaries. The city’s comprehensive plan contains a high-level map of neighborhoods. Here’s another interpretation. For a historic look at the various parts of the city, check out Ithaca’s Neighborhoods.